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Help us help them!

At the heart of our TNR initiative lies the invaluable support from generous donors like you. Operated entirely on a voluntary basis, our campaign’s success in aiding street cats in Bulgaria depends on the compassion and contributions of fellow animal lovers. Together, we can extend our reach and make a positive impact on more feline lives.

Together we can help more cats!

Donations are used for the cats’ basic needs and creating the necessary conditions for their humane breeding. This includes castrations, deworming, veterinary care if needed, and food. The funds you donate save the lives of cats, for whom every day is a struggle to survive outside.

Donations play a crucial role in fulfilling the basic needs of these cats, enabling us to create essential conditions for their well-being. This encompasses vital spay/neuter surgeries, deworming, and veterinary care, along with providing food and outdoor shelters. Your contributions directly translate into saved cat lives, giving a chance to our street cats to not just to survive but to thrive outdoors.

Feel free to contribute through the following methods:

IBAN: BG51 STSA 9300 0026 4337 09
Банка: DSK Bank
Титуляр: The Last Cage
Основание: TNR Bulgaria or cat’s name

Through Revolut, you can donate to our bank account in DSK Bank:
Account details: Business
Country: Bulgaria
IBAN: BG51 STSA 9300 0026 4337 09
Company name: The Last Cage
Donate via SMS

Text DMS ANIMAL HELP to 17 777

Only for Bulgaria! For Telenor, А1 and Vivacom, the price for 1 SMS is 2 leva. After sending the first SMS, you will get the option to subscribe to donate 5 or 10 (2×5) leva montly.

For other ways to donate through the DMS platform, visit our campaign here.

The Last Cage Foundation is a registered public-benefit nonprofit organisation, and all donations made in the EU can be declared and deducted from the tax due on your annual tax return. You can request your donation certificate at rescue@thelastcage.org.

Donate cat food & supplies

You can help by donating cat food or supplies for our furry friends

Supplies donations are sent directly to our TNR volunteers and foster homes who need them most. If you want to donate supplies, please contact us on Facebook or here. We will get you in touch with them and provide a shipping address.

The items listed below are in constant demand, as they are regularly consumed and essential for the ongoing needs of the cats:

For Stray Cats:

  • Wet foods of your choice (no dry food)
  • Disposable puppy pads size 60 x 90 cm, unscented
  • Textile: towels, thick sheets, light blankets, tablecloths: can be old and used, as long as they are clean and do not smell strongly of laundry detergent

For our foster cats:

  • Cat food (please contact us to specify what foods, as our rescues have different diets)
  • Cat litter natural type (pellets, soy, corn, etc – UNflavored)
  • The joy of new toys and scratchers is a treat for our cats, as our budget doesn’t always stretch far enough to upgrade these delightful extras.
  • Other needs vary depending on our foster cats and the current situation. If you wish to delight a specific cat with something special, we’ll gladly connect you with them.