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Volunteer for cats

Volunteers are the heart of the TNR Bulgaria program.
Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to save so many cats and transform so many lives.

Do you love cats? We are looking for you!

If you’re passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of cats, you’ve found the perfect place. Whether you’re a student, working professional, or retiree, and no matter your skill set, there’s a cat out there waiting for your help! Our volunteers engage in a variety of activities, both in the field with the cats and from the comfort of home through online work.

The TNR Bulgaria initiative forms a network of dedicated volunteers committed to reducing the stray cat population. Our efforts include raising awareness about the benefits of TNR, performing TNR for neighborhood cats, providing veterinary care for injured animals, fostering and rehoming of rescued cats.

How you can help


As we do not have a shelter, we constantly seek new foster families, particularly for older rescued cats requiring time and patience to recover and build trust in people.

Inpatient and post-operative care

We need locations providing suitable spaces for post-operative care, aiding the recovery of female cats after spaying in our program. A small, clean, quiet, and secure room with a door is essential, where cats stay in large cages (provided by us) during their recovery, requiring approximately 1 hour of care per day for stays usually lasting between 1 and 3 days.

Trappers for TNR

In the field during trapping, every extra pair of hands is invaluable! Join our trappers team and participate in TNR and rescue actions to catch injured cats in need of assistance.


If you own a car and are willing to spare a few hours occasionally, we always welcome volunteers with their vehicles to assist in transporting cats to and from vet clinics during spay drives and for check-ups of our foster cats.

Photo-video recording

We are in search of talented photographers and videographers to help showcase our awesome cats and our work. Cats looking for adopters need photo shoots periodically. And for the most fearless, we offer to accompany us in the field during actions to film them for educational purposes.

Administrative activities

Unable to physically volunteer, but still want to help? Join our admin team. There are a variety of ways to help from home, such as seeking adopters, processing applications, responding to messages, creating educational materials and campaigns, spreading the word about the benefits of TNR, fundraising, and more.

Searching for a home

URGENT! Assistance is needed with posting, regularly distributing and updating rehoming ads for rescue kittens, processing applications, and conducting preliminary conversations with prospective adopters. If you are communicative and skilled in interacting with different people, help us with the crucial step in saving a kitten: finding the right people who will love and care for them like a precious treasure for a lifetime.

What is the takeaway for you and the cats?

You will acquire new skills and broadening your knowledge about cats, while making a substantial impact on enhancing the lives of stray cats. Your efforts will play a vital role in reducing the number of unwanted cats and elevating the overall well-being of felines in your community. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, build lasting friendships, and become an integral part of a dedicated team of volunteers.