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Help a cat on its way to a happy life.

Throughout the process of neutering and tending to numerous stray cat colonies, we face a constant and pressing need for foster homes to assist in saving cats and kittens who cannot make it outside. The perpetual challenge of limited space is one of the most significant concerns for rescues and volunteers aiding stray animals in Bulgaria. At any given moment, the demand for cats in need of help far exceeds available foster spaces, with ten times as many calls for assistance than available placements. Often, these cats are abandoned, sick, injured, at risk, or in other desperate situations. Every foster home means one more spot, and therefore one more rescued cat.

The foster family plays a fundamental role in saving a cat’s life.

The foster home is the safe haven where a rescued kitten will be placed after being taken off the streets and receiving initial veterinary care from us. This will becomes the sanctuary where the kitty will experience safety, care, and love – often for the first time in their life.

The role of the foster family

Our foster families rescue kittens that have been injured, sick, newborn or abandoned, often rescued from unpleasant situations. Foster owners care for them while they undergo treatment or recover from surgery, bottle-feed and raise them as babies, and socialize them as they prepare for adoption.

Why is it so important?

A large part of the animals we take in have suffered or are not used to receiving from people the care and affection they deserve. Living with a foster family and individual care play a vital role in the rehabilitation and socialization of cats. This allows them to build self-confidence, to get used to living with people, which significantly increases their chances of finding a good home. Most of all, the foster home is the place that gives him a chance for all this to happen. That’s why foster families are extremely important to saving every cat’s life.

What are the requirements to become a foster home?

We require all foster families to meet the following criteria:

  • Residing in Sofia or the Sofia district;
  • Show a strong commitment to maintaining open communication, adhering to our guidance, complying with prescribed treatments (if any), and following the care program for the placed kitten.
  • Ensuring the foster home is entirely catproofed is essential. This includes having mosquito nets or nets on all openable windows, as well as on balconies and terraces accessible to the kitten. For houses, allowing cat access to a yard is permissible only if the yard is completely enclosed by a catproof fence, designed to prevent cats from jumping over it.
  • Availability of a dedicated room to separate the foster cat from other pets is crucial. In the initial days, rescued cats may experience stress and skittish behavior, requiring time to adapt to their new environment. This adaptation period is pivotal for the socialization process, where the kitten learns to feel safe and secure. Other household animals may be perceived as threats, especially in the initial days. Hence, having a comfortable and quiet space for the foster kitten to stay until they adjust and gain confidence is essential.
  • Being present at home or having another person available for care if away for more than 24 hours is necessary. Newborn kittens, in particular, require constant care, including feeding every few hours, making it important not to be away from home for extended periods.
  • Compassion, empathy, patience, love, understanding and ensuring an individualized care approach for each kitty.

Experience in caring for cats, especially those that are timid, fearful, or newborns and kittens, is highly valued. We are primarily seeking foster families committed to a long-term relationship, as cats in temporary care need a pleasant and stable environment, which in turn requires a commitment from of the host family.

Support We Provide to Our Foster Homes:

  • Assistance and guidance from experienced mentors
  • Assigned volunteer responsible for the foster cat, available for any needed assistance
  • Veterinary support and care

Application Process:

Before placing a kitten in a foster home, we always make sure that it is a good fit for you and the entire foster family, as well as you for its particular case. During the application process to become a foster home, we will discuss and share with you everything about the cat and their needs, and assist you in preparing to meet them. The application process is as follows:

  • Survey: Complete an online survey, providing comprehensive information about your living conditions and prior experience with cats.<
  • Call: We will contact you to set up a call to discuss available cats, tell you more about the foster process and address any additional questions you may have.
  • Home visit: A visit is conducted to meet in person with the foster family, including other pets (if any), and help you ensure the foster home aligns with safety criteria for a foster cat.