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Trap, Neuter & Return Stray Cats


spayed & neutered

with your help!



Do you often see stray kittens wandering around your neighborhood and wonder how you can help them?

Get involved in TNR!

For every street cat, spay & neutering means a significantly longer and easier life. The average lifespan of an unaltered stray cat is 2 years. Among managed cat colonies where the cats are spayed, life expectancy reaches 6 years and more – matching that of house cats who are free to roam outdoors.

Each spayed female cat = dozens of kittens who will not have to suffer and die on the street. According to statistics, 75% of outdoor kittens do not survive to 6 months of age.

At the same time, all rescues and shelters are bursting at the seams with and endless stream of new animals, while those on the street continue to give birth to new ones. Babies appear at such a rate that no one has the capacity to save them all.

The most effective way to improve the quality of life of stray cats is the TNR method:

1. As soon as they reach the appropriate age, we capture the cats in a humane manner.

2. We take them to the vet, where they get a chekup, spay/neuter surgery and a dental check and work if needed. Their left ear is eartipped during anesthesia, which helps with identification and protects them from being caught a second time.

3. After post-surgery recovery, we release the cats back to their territory.


Benefits of TNR:

  • TNR allows cats to live long, healthy lives without the burden of breeding, the increased mortality of caregiving generations, and the unwanted health risks associated with giving birth on the street.
  • TNR eliminates unwanted behaviors associated with insemination, such as loud meowing, midnight cat fights, territory marking and wandering.
  • Cats that have gone through a TNR program play a crucial role in addressing the overpopulation issue among stray animals. Neutered cats actively deter the emergence of new non-neutered individuals and their subsequent generations in the area they occupy
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How it works:

Surgery and post-operative care

Spaying and neutering procedures take place in veterinary clinics, accompanied by a 24-36 hour period of post-operative veterinary monitoring.

Male cats are released promptly following their clinic discharge, while female cats uare held for an additional 2-3 days of recovery under supervision before being released.

Spaying/Neutering costs for stray cats range from BGN 50-100 (€25-50), depending on factors such as gender, the health condition of the animal, and chosen clinic.
As part of the procedure, cats also undergo a dental examination and dental procedures if necessary, such as plaque cleaning or tooth extraction. Cats with additional health issues or injuries receive suitable veterinary attention. Expenses related to supplementary services are not included within the neutering cost.

A comprehensive overview of all cats who had TNR surgeries conducted as part of this campaign is available in the table below. For individual stories, you can visit our Facebook page. We maintain a database containing information on all cats that have participated in the program, and should you have any connections to them, feel free to reach out for additional medical details as required.

Thank you for helping us help them! Together, we can give them a better life:

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