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The Giant Teddy Bear


Mecho is a friendly and affectionate social butterfly who quickly wins the hearts of everyone he meets. In Bulgarian, his name means “Teddy Bear”. He craves attention, making him the perfect companion for those looking for a feline friend with boundless energy and lots of love to share. This fluffy Bear is friendly not only with people, of course he’s great with other cats too. He is completely relaxed and non-reactive around them, even at first meeting. He is the ultimate team player and can live harmoniously with other animals.

Mecho might be missing a back leg, but if we don’t point it out to you, you won’t notice! This in no way stops or even slows Mecho down in the slightest. He was found wandering the streets with an old, fully healed injury, and as soon as he was in a home environment, he showed all the signs of having once been a beloved housecat. He quickly adapted to indoor life, displaying impeccable litter habits and a natural knack for making himself right at home.

Mecho is in brilliant health despite his colorful past and FIV-positive status. With perfect teeth and a healthy immune system, he is ready to take on the world with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. Mecho is not just looking for a home – he is looking for a special Friend who shares his zest for life and will play with him and give him lots of attention. Are you ready to be that friend? Together, you and Mecho can embark on countless adventures – from cozy cuddle sessions to playful romps with his favorite toys.



Gender Male
Age 5 y.o
Color Orange
Coat Long hair
Neutered Yes
Gets along with other cats Yes
Gets along with kids Yes
Located in Sofia
* All cats are indoor only cats. Cat-proofing windows and balconies is required. Outdoor access is possible only with cat-proofed fences keeping the cat from leaving the property. Every adoption is finalized with an adoption contract.